ALBERT & SONSBEEK in B 53 Arnhem The Netherlands 2018

AAN DE LEIDERS. Plaatsmaken The Netherlands 1988

POWER Offingafier Friesland The Netherlands 2006

ALL POWER TO THE ARTS Chinese European Art Center Xiamen China 2010


for movies,dance,actions etc.

LUST & LIFE 5 2011 LUST & LIFE 18 2018 LUST & LIFE 19 2018

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Photo Tjeerd Kootstra

I am an artist, from inner necessity,

involvement and conviction.

Albert Van Der Weide

Artist since 1976



M. albert.weide@hotmail.com

T. 0031641574352



fb.me/Arnhem 2016

Radio en TV Arnhem www.rtv-arnhem.nl/tvgemist/archief







16 publications: ArtEZ Press.www.artezpress.artez.nl

Distribution: Idea Books. www.ideabooks.nl

LIFE IN 7 YouTube

the making off by David Djindjikhachvili


LUST & LIFE 11 2015

LUST & LIFE 13 2014 - 2016 LUST & LIFE 14 2014- 2016

LUST & LIFE 1. 2009

LUST & LIFE 2. 2010

LUST & LIFE 15 2010

LUST & LIFE 3. 2004

LUST & LIFE 17 2017

LUST & LIFE 6,7,8,9 2014

LUST & LIFE 12 2018


LUST & LIFE 10 2011

LUST & LIFE 11 2010


Performance with Masha Bronnikova B 53 Arnhem The Netherlands 2018

This shoes are made for thinking. For the Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures. Virtual Shoe Museum Amsterdam 2017

FROM THE KITCHEN. With the artist Irene Companjen . Arthouse Arnhem 2017

Goede Hoop. Zuid-Afrika en Nederland vanaf 1600. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands 2017

Drawings in Rietveld Schroderhuis/ Centraal Museum Utrecht The Netherlands 2016

Drawings in the Rietveld Schroderhouse Utrecht The Netherlands 2016

Drawings in Wall House #2 / Groninger Museum from John Hedjuk Groningen The Netherlands 2015

OPEN with Allie van Altena.Stedelijk Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Assen The Netherlands 2015

THE WEIGHT OF THE EXISTENCE Code Red Buitenplaats Arnhem and Stedelijk Museum voor Moderne Kunst Assen The Netherlands 2016

STREETWISE Berlin Germany 2014

'ORDINARY BOYS' - with Frans van Nunen- exhibition 'War and Resistance' Stedelijk Museum Zwolle The Netherlands 2015

FOR ALWAYS Museum Henriette Polak Zutphen The Netherlands 2012

OUTSITE / IN http://projectprobe.net/probe/about


Collection Prov. Gelderland The Netherlands 1988

BEUATIFUL DAY Privite collection The Netherlands 2014

DESIGN FOR A SHROUD The Netherlands 2012.

DRAWINGS AND BROOMS The Netherlands 2014

TABLE DU JOUR. France 2011.

ART AND POLITICS . The Netherlands, Germany 2012

NO MAN'S LAND for an forgotten place in The Netherlands 2014


ALL POWER TO THE ART. NP 3 Groningen The Netherlands 2012

THIS PLACE Museum Arnhem The Netherlands 1983

THE RED CHAIR. National Art Collection , The Netherlands 1986.

PRIVITE VIEUW Dubai United Arab Emirates 2012

PRIVITE VIEW Shapowei Xiamen China 2010

SOURCE OF ART. Newspaper NRC The Netherlands 2010

PRIVITE VIEUW Lombok Indonesia 2014

BEAUTY BY HEART, Oldeberkoop. Friesland, The Netherlands 2012

LANDSCAPES IN OUR HEAD Oldeberkoop Friesland The Netherlands 2012

POINT Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam The Netherlands 2014

NO MAN'S LAND REVISITED for an forgotten place in The Netherlands 2014

PHOTOSHOP IN REAL LIFE / Summer Offingafier Friesland The Netherlands 2012

PHOTOSHOP IN REAL LIFE / WINTER Park Sonsbeek Arnhem The Netherlands 2015

FORCE Chinese European Art Center Xiamen China 2010


WITH & FOR INDIA Gallery Apeejay University Jalandhar India 2014


Apeejay University New Dehli India 2014, Garden Grandcafe/Brasserie Dudok Arnhem The Netherlands 2015,

Pixels of Identity ArtExpo Venice Italy 2015, Wall House Groningen The Netherelands 2015,

VM 23 Arnhem 2016, Rozet Arnhem 2018, The Netherlands


Secret drawings for a secret place. The Netherlands 2011

Portraits of the world . Poland, Germany, The Netherlands 1977 - 2000

FORCE. Raw Art Fair Rotterdam The Netherlands 2012

ALL POWER TO THE ART Museum Het Valkhof Nijmengen The Netherlands 2009

Different shows and publications since my installations in De Appel /The Apple Amsterdam The Netherlands 1986

PRIVITE VIEUW Amsterdam The Netherlands 2009.

LINES Introdans Choreography: Laurant Drousie/Jorge Perez Martinez. Set design and life drawings: Albert Van Der Weide 2013


DESIRE Introdans Choreography Albert Van Der Weide The Netherlands 1981

BASEMENT BOOGIE Composition: Armeno Alberts, Boxen: Marcel Alberts, Light: Albert Van Der Weide VM 23 Arnhem The Netherlands 2016

LIVE IN 7 Music and Art Concert from Armeno Alberts Composer, Albert Van Der Weide Artist/Performer

Orgelpark Amsterdam The Netherlands 17 09 2016

Photos David Djindjikhachvili

FAUXdeville Introdans Choreography Adriaan Luteijn. Stage design Albert Van Der Weide The Netherlands 2012

THIS PLACE Spotkania Krakowskie IX Krakau Poland 1981

THIS PLACE Performance eine andere Dimension Berlin Gerrmany 1981


MOMENT Kroller- Muller Museum The Netherlands 1997

FROM HERE University Utrecht The Netherlands 1989

LOST Xiamen, China. 2010

RUNNING FORCE Museum Arnhem The Netherlands 2009

POWER CBK Groningen The Netherlands 2007

POWER Hohler Biennale Germany 2009

WITH & FOR Tomasz Sikorski and Albert Van Der Weide Poland 2009


Fotoworks APARTHEID FASCIM FEAR South Afrika, Poland , The Netherlands 1985


BEYOND AND NEAR 1977-2015 Collection Hentriette Polak Zutphen The Netherlands

YES....YES CBK Groningen 2007

2 LAUNDRY BAGS Poland / The Netherlands 1978 - 1981

DOCUMENTATION OF 10 PERFORMANCES The Netherlands Poland Germany 1977 - 1982

Installation LIVE IN 7 in B53 Arnhem 2018